Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back in PRC back in the PRC back in the People's republic of C


Wow, I can hardly believe that I have been Living in China since August, home to Chicago in December and back to the East already. It is Sunday night here and after a weekend enjoying the sights in Hangzhou I decided it was time to give the ole Blog an Update. (ps. I will be posting some with a few fun stories from a few months ago, I just need to finish adding pics and edit.)
So, in this world not much is new. The weather is cold from 20-35 most days but very wet and we have had many bought's of snow recently. School is okay and I am slowly falling back into the routine, of that working out, cooking, music lessons, and Yoga.

I had a nice time while I was home for three weeks but it was stressful to try and do everything and see a whirlwind of people who I wish I could have spent more time with. As Stephen dropped me off to the airport, I will not pretend to say that I wasn't balling my eyes out like a little kid thinking about leaving again and going back to my frigid apartment. So the reality of it is, coming back to Hangzhou was a bit tough, but again this blog is here for the truth and for me to go back and remember. I have great friends here and feel more comfortable now then before. When I did arrive in Hangzhou after my 14 hour flight and three hour bus ride, I arrived at my apartment at 9:00pm the night before school started. The best surprise all year was that my heaters were turned on and my neighbors had bought me an oil heater to keep me warm... Again, most of the people here are amazing and it is really a different situation from anything I have experienced in the US. Many of us look out for each other and that is great and one of the things that I have come to love about living out here. So, anyways the return was tough but met with a little warmth.

These pictures are from the snow we have been having out here and a bit of hiking down around Nine Creeks and through town.