Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shanghai Nights meet West Lake Days

Wowie, Wowie, Wee WU!

What a weekend! Friday Night was a mixer for the school, as new staff we were told it was a hotel in Shanghai please dress "smart casual" as in the board is coming so look good.

Little did we know the party was in one of the fanciest hotels in town and that the guests would be decked out in skin-tight tube topping high heeled refinery! Upon walking in one could barley squeeze past the people crowding the hoers de overs and dessert bar. The place was pumping bad 90's music and laser lights like it was going out of style....Oh wait... it DID go out of style!
Anyways, after feeling terribly awkward and unprepared by the sheer "Shanghainess" of it all..... and not really meeting many of the other folks that taught in our system. The night ended well, with Hangzhou teachers gettin down on the dance floor. Sadly, there are no pics of this I am sorry to say. Just this.... The second tallest building in the world.

But oh.....those west lake days....
For my birthday my boyfriend Ste-phen painted me a picture of a Chicago sunrise, ( it is quite good!) so while in China I could be reminded of him and embrace a little piece of home in this strange place, the second part to the gift was for me to take a picture of a Chinese sunset so he could hang it in his room and have a little bit of China with him. Yes, I know what your thinking...... I am a lucky lady! :).. So..... point of the story, ever since i have been in China life has been a bit crazy... meat facials, floor poooping, giant bugs, new job, 14 hour time difference, eXtreme heat!!!, crazy SHanghai parties...... So it has taken me a while to work on the Chinese sunrise... BUT!!!! Sunday afternoon during the 101 degree heat I took myself down to the west lake which is around 20 minutes from my apartment and took some shots for Stephen... After all was said and done i was soaked through to the bone and had taken 233 shots of one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen... Here are a few for you to enjoy.

and this was my favorite to come out of the batch.... These two lovely boats just swaying in the water.. I think I have 100 shots of just them :)
If you happen to be on a world wide quest for the most breathtaking sunsets, I suggest that you stop here.


  1. how i love the west lake. i have some wonderful pictures of it as well. we would always stay in the lily hotel in hangzhou...

  2. Hey Lil' sister I found you! I am happy to see you are an accomplished photographer. I will try to get yousome pics tomorrow. Miss you