Sunday, September 5, 2010

We all float up here

Hello Friends, Fam, Boyfriend, and any others out there!

It has been quite an exciting week here in Hangzhou!! It was decorated with bank trips, visa trips, back to school night, Taco night... and of course.... Good Ole Massage Monday! -which by the way is coming up!

Friday Night my pals and I ventured to the UME international theater and were able to watch Inception. Great movie and we also got a lesson in how to cut people when in line in true Chinese fashion. If you can't beat them.....I guess beat them literally by jumping in front and being quicker! AH well.... Hopefully when I come back to the US I will be able to resume my basic manners.

So Saturday.... What were you up to?????? Me?....Oh!. I spent the day at the Shuangxi RIver on a bamboo float with my buddies ambushing innocents on the river and keeping the float driver happy with adult beverages. WHat a day!

After an hour and a half drive out the beautiful country all of the schools from the system met, promptly purchased water pistols and were driven by oxen cart up the Shuangxi river. We then loaded onto several 30 foot long bamboo floats and were off to a rafting adventure where we tried to take out every other person or float in our way! Good times were had!

The great news is that the excitement did not stop there. After we climbed off of the shaky easily sinkable water craft we found that in China they don't do double dutch, they do "keep hopping over the bamboo or we will snap the crap out of your ankle". So a few of us decided to give it a try. Very fun, but the floor was a bit slick do to our bodies dripping with river water.

ok..... I know... I know... your thinking. "How could this get any better? Awesome River ride?, Taking out the people in the countryside....... Double dutch with bamboo...I'll tell you what was better....Strapping oneself strapping into chair that is attached to a giant balloon so you can literally float high above in the sky.. I am pretty scared of heights and have been for a while.... but hey! I am in China so why not?

What a great weekend. Miss you all and wish you could be here with me. Stay tuned for some videos!!! and new adventures!

Ps. should like to mention I believe I am now up to four gray hairs.... I blame VanderCook... But! I still love them!

PPs. sorry that I do not proof read my posts.. I am going to try and work on that!


  1. Blame your dad and G'ma for the early gray hairs! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time so far, you deserve it for being such a hard worker!!! Love ya babe! Kev sends love too!!
    Miss ya! Auntie Lin XOXOXO

  2. i dye my hair enough i can't find vandergreys. glad to see you are enjoying yourself. i am jealous...