Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Dear Blogie,

Mid Autumn Festival... Nikki!.... What in the world is that you ask??? Well, to be honest, I still not completely sure. I know it is a day when people in China go out and spend lots of money on Moon Cakes that are typically gross, and most people don't like...YET, they keep giving them.. So.... to gain more insight into the subject I asked the very lovely ladies who work at the from desk of my school... "Mid Autumn, is a time when you get together with family and friends, like a thanksgiving".. Okay that makes more sense. Plus it does occur on the new moon or the fall eqinox. Since I could not be with my close friends and family, I though I would share a little of my day with you and say properly... Happy Moon/Mid Autumn festival. Miss you all too much!

Intro to Hefang

This first video is me introducing a few of my friends and good ole Hefang Street a very neat and funky place in Hangzhou.

So for this lovely holiday, I did have the urge to sleep in and spend the day reading, but the regular nagging adventuresome Nikki pleaded with me to go out. So I woke up at 7, had my morning date with Stephen and met the gang at 8:00 am for a hike. It was immediately apparent that every person in Hangzhou was trying to get downtown, and every bus as far as the eye could see was stuffed with Chinese people like I have never seen!

The mountains

This video was made while we were climbing through some of the
The Temple of the Gods

Looking at Tea Hill.... aka .Chenghuang Tea House

This last video is a view of the tea house from a distance. Again I apologize for my terrible filming, but hey maybe by the end of this I will be pretty good at it.

As an added side note the last 7 weeks in Hangzhou it has been 90-115 degrees everyday. This was wednesday September 23 rd. It was 65 and raining. The previous day it was 95. I suppose we skipped the middle. So after a day of stuffed chinese buses, chinese doughnuts, good friends, millions of mosquitoes, hiking mountains in the rain, longjing tea, temples and gods, and a bit of shopping on Hefang street, oh yeah..... and the cockroaches at dinner!......I was beat........ but would say that I am glad I kicked myself in the butt to get out. Minus the cockroaches.

Dearest Friends, and Family, again I miss you tons! and wish I could have spent this festival with you, but at least in your absence I was still able to be in good company having an adventure!!


  1. Thank you to Doug for the pics which I snatched off of FB. Due to the rain I left good old rebel at home.

  2. You... are... hilarious! Perhaps the funniest girl I've ever met?