Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Boy-phriend issue

Well, I hate to be cheesy, but hey! this is worth the cheese., Earlier I posted my sunset pics of the west lake so all could bask in the beauty that I get to enjoy during my stay in China. I mentioned that my motivation was a project from my Boyfriend Ste-phen Rollick. So on a journey I went to find him the most beautiful sunset in Hangzhou. Well in my opinion I did a pretty fair job. (notice beautiful lake pics below):) Anyways the next challenge went to Stephen to paint the sunset so he could have a bit of Hangzhou and Nikki with him, as I have Uptown and him with me. So, he did it..... An Amazingly!!!! Wonderful!!! Beauteous !!!! Rendering of my orange/red sunset! This post is to direct all of my loyal readers to his blog so you can check out the delightful things he does!


ps. I also learned how to ask where the bathroom was today. Success!

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