Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nikki the Chinese Tourist Attraction...

I have been told that my pictures are too small, so I have decided to leave them nice and big. Hopefully this is a good decision.
This week was a bit of a test to my American strength. It started out well with another visit to the Chinese doctor where I received more acupressure and he also smudge sticked me... I don't know the chinese name for it. Anyway. I have been doing quite well with the headaches the are drastically less :) So the doctor and yoga were good. This past week I started lessons on beatboxing and that was good. Too bad you all cannot hear me Mad Skilz!... just kidding I am not good, but I aspire to be one day. Anyway... the point is all of these things were good.
Due to the headaches I decided along with seeing the Chinese doctor that I should head over to the International Clinic downtown and see a "western style" optometrist. I have been also having trouble seeing and know I have one eye that is not so good. SO, i went, the place was clean, the staff was beyond friendly. I got there early and not only did I not have to wait, they called the doctor in early to see me. Overall, great experience, not like the one at the clinic. After my appointment I walked around and looked for a place to grab food, since I was in the downtown business area of Hangzhou. One thing that can sour my mood quickly I was unable to find a taxi to take me, so I hoped on random buses with the hope of getting closer...BUt... no luck. I finally made it home 3 hours later..... oh man... trials of patience.

Even though I work at a new school and am teaching new subjects (within music...oh and drama), school is a place where I feel "at home" because it is something that is familiar, and it is kind of neat to see that kids are kids no matter where they are from and trust me, we've got them from ALL over. So at least most of my day has a bit of normality.

So last weekend Maranda and I went to the Reggae bar with many of the teachers out here and got down to non reggae music. Then Saturday we went to bike the west lake. As it turns out I am quite the tourist attraction and people kept thinking it would be a great idea to take their picture with me. This is a pic of me and a random Chinese girls, whose mother thought it would be a great idea for us to take some pictures together. SO here we are China and the US throwin up the peace sign together!


  1. Is that your Canon taking such sweet pix??? Beautiful! How did your eyes checkout? Sorry, I'll always be the Auntie Lin and worry about you! Nice little Apt. As you know I don't necessarily worry about an immaculate house, ahem....So it looks ok to me. Love you and miss you girl!! Our house goes on the market on Oct 1st!! Woo Hoo!

  2. that always happened to me when i was over in china. i had people stop me even at the great wall and take a picture with me and the wall...

    also i keeping seeing parts of the parks on west lake that i recognize in your pictures...