Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cup it Good!

Today I went to see the Chinese doctor, because I have pretty awful headaches almost daily. This unfortunately is nothing new, but something here is setting them off. So I made the appointment for acupuncture feeling okay about it since I am fairly familiar with it considering my sister graduates with her masters in oriental medicine this december(! WOOT for Lisa!!) and has given it to me a few times. My doctor decided acupressure and cupping were the best options :) So here is to hoping we battle those headaches... Ps. I am sorry if this grosses you out! Believe it or not this is my second time cupped. Lisa did it before but her cups were a third of the size. Good thing this is a familiar sight to people around here.
pps. For those of you who do not know what cupping is:
Essentially, they take a variety of glass cups, set them on fire then put them on your skin. As the oxygen depletes the cup sucks your skin. It is used to treat a variety of different things in Chinese Medicine. The spots are common.


  1. Polka dotted Nikki. Awesome!

  2. Becky had this done recently for her headaches too! Wow, were those spots weird. I told her she'd been attacked by an octopus.