Friday, September 10, 2010

Monsoon Me.....

Dear Mr. Blogins,

To think, I almost thought...."hummm I really do not have much to write about this week..." Then I remembered wait a minute.. This is China and whether I like it or not EVERYDAY!!! is an ADVENTURE!.
After a busy week of school, working out, grocery shopping with the lovely Mandarin teachers who shed some light on the mysteries of the chinese grocery store, attending a beautiful Yoga session at an Indian establishment, and watching our beautiful Hangzhou sun set on the rooftop of a restaurant downtown. I thought perhaps that was it for stories. So after a good nights sleep I woke at 6 am Saturday morning to the sound of a storm. I peeked slowly out of my curtains and quickly saw that the sky was green and that it was impossible to see more then a few feet out.
So, I woke up and started to clean, made myself coffee and cut up some fresh fruit. As the rain died down I went out to see what the school looked like... and ..... there was a lot! of water

So I ran around a bit, we were supposed to go to a big store across town but it was cancelled due to the weather but by the time I figured that out and ran back up the four flights to my apartment I was just in time to watch the power blow out.

As it turns out, it was really nice, most of us from the buildings gathered outside in the field and started to play in the rain. We got soaked and some of the water smelled like oil. But what a great way to have everyone get together and make the best of a rain soaked Saturday morning. We decoded to be brave and venture out to see what the rest of the town looked like.

It turns out everywhere was flooded and after braving it for a few blocks we opted for breakfast instead. Thank you to my neighbors who are awesome. It is a great feeling when you live with so many folks who are there to help each other out and make the best of situations that may not be the best!

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